Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters
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Summary: To Minagawa Ichiri, both good things and bad things are bothersome. That`s why his principle is to avoid doing anything that would cause such a thing. However, there is one thing that he can`t avoid—because of his parents` jobs, he was constantly transferring from school to school. This time, he has transferred to Reimei Academy, one of the five famous private academies called the `Seven Sisters.` On his tour of the school with vice president Kirishima Shitone, an attack occurs! The attacker seems to go after people with long black hair and a sword in an attempt to find and exact revenge on `Double Edge,` who killed one of her best friends using a power called `Idea,` where she brings her principles into reality using a wrist band called `Codec.`
Comic Title Seven Sisters
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Fujioka Toki
Genres action, ecchi, school, seinen
Publication Run June 27, 2011
Status ongoing
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