Marugoto Anju Gakuen

Marugoto Anju Gakuen
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Summary: Kaguya is a boy in an all-girl`s school for demons [fox spirit, succubus, werewolf, etc]. Being the only human was bad enough, but the added risk of his manhood being discovered makes for silly and unbelievable (deliciously envious) situations. (Source: M-U)
Comic Title Marugoto Anju Gakuen
Alternatives Anju Gakuen, MaruAn, Marugoto Anjugakuen, Marugoto Anju Gakuen, Marugoto Anjyu Gakuen
Author/Artist Amatsu Sae
Genres comedy, ecchi, school, shounen, supernatural
Publication Run October 2005
Status ongoing
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