Honey Hunt

Honey Hunt
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Summary: The heroine is highschooler Yura, whose mother is one of Japan`s most famous and beautiful actress; and father is a World famous Musician. Yura is quiet, and gets nervous in front of crowds. People around often compare her to her famous parents. Yura`s world gets rocked with the sudden return of her actress mother, coldly announcing her divorce to Yura`s father, who got caught having an affair and Yura`s mom has no intention of taking care of their high school daughter. But this just isn`t enough, Yura later on finds her mother having sex with her neighbor/best friend/ first love!! Yura then wants to destroy her mother`s beautiful actress image and decides to become an actress herself and beat her mother. There starts the fun! Yura`s troubles and success` in trying to become an actress, her meeting lots of beautiful actors and singers and idols. A love triangle is in the air.
Comic Title Honey Hunt
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Aihara Miki
Genres drama, romance, shoujo
Publication Run December 22, 2006
Status completed
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